The sun shines brightly over me,
Like the sword of Damocles.
Slowly robbing me of my sight,
Turning my day's into nights.

Like a bus ride during the day,
My life has had many stops.
Including start's along the way,
With to many pill's I have to pop.

Life has been a long journey,
I've no illusions of my life.
The hardships that we endure,
Before the peacefulness of death.

Funny things run through my mind,
What if God takes Gordon Ramsay's.
hand in heaven and says well done,
Would he say this must be hell,
I like my steaks medium rare.

The brevity of life cannot outweigh,
The longevity of death yet along the way.
Is death an illusion, Or is it death of life.
For at our demise, We fight to stay alive.

What if as our life passes us by,
There's some omnipotent being.
Looking at his clip board saying,
Sorry you failed in life go back.
Give life another try, Maybe that's
the real reason that babies cry.

I am what I am there's no quit in me,
Yet hanging over my head. Is the sword
Of Damocles, waiting patiently to take
My sight away from me.

How than can a being like myself,
At the end of days, Be drawn into the light?
Or maybe I cannot be set free,
Without a mighty sword, Hanging over me.

Poetry by Alan J Ripley The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 45 times
Written on 2023-08-27 at 04:18

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