my funeral

my funeral,

i will be there,
thats a promise,
i dont believe in life,
after death,
but i'll be there,
for you,
holding your hand,
i'll guide you through,
its not fair,
to leave you,
alone in life,
i will have long taken,
my last breath,
but i'll be there,
to support you,
i will not waken,
but i'll be by your side,
just, enjoy the steady ride,
of life,

Poetry by UnforgivenAngel
Read 847 times
Written on 2006-06-29 at 18:19

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thats pretty deep Im digging this poem. It hits me at the opening line when You say, "My funeral, I will be there, thats a promise." Now thats what I wish I've wrote. I comend you thorugh it all.