Short cycle small sin

My wife bless her heart,
Is most assuredly going deaf.
Waking up early her eyes follow me,
As I searched for that elusive tee shirt.
"What are you looking for now".
She asked. (As if I was looking for,
That pot of gold at the end of the
rainbow). Answering back for my
Amusement I replied.
" Can't find my soul anywhere ".
Her deafness must have been deafening,
As she said. "Have you looked in your
top drawer, I would have put it there after
I ironed it!" Now there's a fun thought
Running through my mind, I wondered
What if? And that's where I found my
Next rhyme. So if you're sitting
Uncomfortable I shall begin.

Getting home early head in a spin,
Called out to my little pot honey.
"Pour us a drink darling,
While I step out of my dirty skin.
I'll stick it in the washing machine,
It could do with a wash and a spin,
While I have a sip of my whisky gin".
It's nice to know after a day off sinning,
You can wash those sins right out.
The ones we don't have to think about,
Now you folks may find this a little droll.
For a change thought I'd wash my soul,
Trouble was it was so lathered up.
About being taken for a wash and spin,
For although soul is tucked away.
It always hangs on to all its sins.
My soul had enough it tried to getaway,
Intact with dirty deeds that it had done.
For that was the elusiveness within,
When you're in a washer dryer,
Having your sins sucked right out.
Trouble was there wasn't much,
That soul could do being in a dryer too.
It tried to hang on to it's sins,
With a skin that was to tangled up.
Honey bun was a little emotional,
When she looked at soul and skin.
To her husband she gave a shout,
"There's still a few sins hanging about.
With a good ironing I should be able,
To press all of them out.
The trouble is darling for all your days
of sin, You had the washer dryer
heat settings set to high..
You've gone and shrunk your skin.

Poetry by Alan J Ripley The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 83 times
Written on 2023-09-24 at 11:06

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