samuel comes home



with thelonius pulling the wagon

amos returns with samuel


the arduous journey from the mountain

to denver   and back   near two hundred miles


over   samuel is withdrawn   the church

his church   neglected for two years   incomplete


unroofed   open framework weathered   

boards warping   grayed by two colorado winters




prison   there is little to say   two words

should suffice   negro   injustice




he begins where he left it   mostly alone

when he needs help he asks


there are others   each with a task   

it is a community   a growing community




zoey   will two words suffice   two years

without her man   two years


in her caravan alone   two years without

samuel's love   




amos is exhausted   hattie nurses him

as best she can   age has played its relentlessness


upon the both of them   it tells

the cold hurts more   works its way into their bones


no number of quilts   no proximity of body

can match the insidiousness of age


which means nothing   amos and thelonius

make their way up the mountain


as they have done since the war ended   since

they and the others   samuel and zoey


and the little ones   moved west   amos relying 

upon thelonius' steady gait  


make their way up the mountain to tend the flock

while samuel builds the church


in which he will pastor   tending the flock

if the spirit is still within




as zoey tends to samuel   as hattie tends to amos

that is way of love





Poetry by one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 59 times
Written on 2023-11-15 at 14:41

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D G Moody The PoetBay support member heart!
I felt I could taste the dust off the wagon on the journey. This is such an atmospheric poem, with brief brush strokes creating a living story

One thing I like about your long poems are how prosaic, or novelistic they are. If not for the versifying, I couldn't tell they're verse. But, there in lies their power. They ARE verse, you've just made them as prosaic as they can be without losing the POETRY of it all.

Alan J Ripley The PoetBay support member heart!
Tom I really enjoyed the journey,
You took me on with Thelonius.
It was as though I was in his wagon,
It's nice to transported within
a work of art. Regards Alan

Sona The PoetBay support member heart!
This one is so so layered. i am still at it. But real nice structure to the abstract journey.