Poem by Charles Churchill (1732-1764)

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Lines Written In Windsor Park

    When Pope to Satire gave its lawful way,
    And made the Nimrods of Mankind his prey;
    When haughty Windsor heard through every wood
    Their shame, who durst be great, yet not be good;
    Who, drunk with power, and with ambition blind,
    Slaves to themselves, and monsters to mankind,
    Sinking the man, to magnify the prince,
    Were heretofore, what Stuarts have been since:
    Could he have look'd into the womb of Time,
    How might his spirit in prophetic rhyme,
    Inspired by virtue, and for freedom bold,
    Matters of different import have foretold!
    How might his Muse, if any Muse's tongue
    Could equal such an argument, have sung
    One William,[1] who makes all mankind his care,
    And shines the saviour of his country there!
    One William, who to every heart gives law;
    The son of George, the image of Nassau!

[1] 'William:' Duke of Cumberland--the Whig hero.


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