My sat nav has lexdysia,
My phone's gone dyslexica
Something's wrong can't you see,
My calculators got dyscalcular.
Is there something wrong with me,
My typewriters missing some keys.
My computer is missing a brain,
There's no top to my umbrella
and it's starting to rain.
My doctor throws apples at me,
My hands have gone arthritic too.
My council has closed most of the loos,
My door lock is on the Fritz.
I have to go to Tesco's, if I need a wizz,
So if you see someone doing a jig,
It's probably me needing a wee.

Poetry by Alan J Ripley The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 30 times
Written on 2024-04-03 at 00:13

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