the joys of service providers...

Webhosting provider


The website here has been online

Since 20 May 2005, and when we

Became involved at managing

The site in 2009, the webhosting

Provider was changed at that point,

If I'm not mistaken on that one.


That was fine, there were no issues,

But our webhosting provider then got

Bought out by another company,

And then that company got bought out

By another company, so our original

Choice as provider has long been gone.


The companies have all been from

One area in Europe, and although

They are happy to accept business

From English-speaking customers,

Can't say their employees actually

Know how to use it with much efficiency.


So simple contacts for simple info

Can turn into a very drawn-out affair,

'Cause evidently, there's a language issue

Between us to understand each other clearly.

Put into the mix that they are also very

Disorganized in their operations...


It is very, very rare to get clear explanations

Or even clear info, 'cause in the span of

Eight emails, there are many contradictions,

And often contrary assertions to what 

They initially started from, and you're left

Really not sure what the hell they're on about.


A lot of time has to be wasted to get

Any sort of sensible answer from them.

So, yeah, after years of this, I always

Get weary now any time I have to contact them.

Every time always ends in complete exasperation,

I think I've come to actually dread it at this point.


This time they contacted us mid-May

To inform us that our plan/contract

Would be terminated on 31 May, and

That they would move our site to

A newer technology server....    (again!)
Then tell us it'll happen around 13 June.


But then tell us in July, sorry, they don't know

At this time when the move will be scheduled,

But that 7 days before the move they would

Notify us of the date this will be happening.

Then tell us, after many emails trying to find

Out what our new system will be and cost,


We are going to maintain our current contract

With no cost changes when we are moved,

And that the costs quoted are only for new contracts.

To this very moment, it's beyond me why they

Quoted me the costs for new contracts when I'd

Specifically asked if the migration would affect our costs.


So all of the ten emails could have been

Resolved in one had they just answered

My initial question which was based

On what they had informed me was happening.

And it's always like this for any sort of contact with them,

Have quite a number of examples accumulated over the years.


I'm really working hard to remain patient

When it comes to these guys, and I can tell you,

The less contact with them, the better...

It'll drive you crazy, I swear.

But despite all of the big niggles of their poor operations,

They still remain one of the most inexpensive out there.


So, yeah.

Words by IB M The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 80 times
Written on 2024-07-07 at 16:59

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jim The PoetBay support member heart!
Thank you for your persistence! All you do is very, very much appreciated, exasperating as it is.

Thank you!

alarian The PoetBay support member heart!
finally the biggest fish eats the fisherman while a fish eats a bigger one and so on

ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
Thank IB M, for keeping us informed.
Like the cartoon:
A little fish swallowed up by a bigger fish
Then a bigger fish comes up behind and swallows
So on & so on!
Ken D.