When the night gets tired of being still
The sun peeps through a gap in the hill
He hops and climbs without a stop
He finds a spot on a peak top
In the east, colours begin to show
A yellow and an orange begin to glow
The morning breeze tolls the bell
It brings along an earthly smell
The birds open their sleepy eyes
They stretch out to take a flight
A day begins somewhat this way
As I speak a silent prayer

Poetry by Shraddha Manvi
Read 639 times
Written on 2006-07-08 at 20:06

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Aashish Thakur
good one dear..

Early morning miracles.
Lovely write. :)

Zoya Zaidi
The chirruping fills my heart so,
My soul begins to glow!
As the fresh air fills my lungs,
Your song begins to flow,
From my lips in silent prayer,
My Lord, you begin to flow,
Like a warm liquid wine,
Through my veins, slow!!!

Hi, Shradhdha,
A perfect hymn to the morning,
An ode to the Sun!!!!

Love,xxx, Zoya