Hum... just some feeling I have about a certain person :D
Love can be really hard along the way even though it's so beautiful when you get it right !!

So hard

This is so weird
This is so not me
You keep asking for all these feelings
But how do I know when I have the right ones?
How do I know when I feel something I've never felt before?
I really like you
I think
I knew it the first time I saw you
That you would drive me all into this love thing
Something so hard for me
Something not made thinking of me
That's more your thing
Thinking of me I mean
At least that's what you say
Then what do I answer?
What do I say to you?
To make it right
I don't wanna screw this up

I think I love you?

Poetry by Ingvild
Read 468 times
Written on 2006-07-13 at 21:00

Tags Love 

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