To my dear ...., thank u for being such a good friend

Thank you

You frown
When you see the look on my face
After you said "I just look upon us as friends"
Followed by
"Don't you?"
An "oh" comes out of your mouth
It feels like ten thousand knifes in my heart
Still I smile at you, saying
"I'ts okay"
"Off course, we can give it a try though, if you want",
You comfort me

But then
My heart
Not my mind or my heart
"I never knew why I found it so hard to tell a boy that I liked him,
Why I never looked forward to hang out with him
Or kiss him
Till now
When I have found out that I never did liked him
That I have never really been in love
Like I am now, with you

And no
I don't need you to go through what I hated

I love you too much for that

And after all,
I am just happy for the chance I've had to love you
You have showed me how it really feels

Thank you for being my friend

I love you

Words by Ingvild
Read 735 times
Written on 2008-01-16 at 00:08

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