Little World

Early in the morning,

Waking up,

Going outside,

Breathing the air,

Sailing on the waves of life,

Just taking each day as it comes,

Relaxed and calm,

Imagine to be able to do that,

What an amazing feeling that would be,

Being allowed to just sit down,

And forget everything else,

Every day,


Think about this,

Think about how much you would value this,

Nothing but this great way if handling each day,

In your own little world,

I can sure picture it..

Poetry by Alexander
Read 1225 times
Written on 2006-07-15 at 14:26

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Amanda K
An excellent job.plainly described you thoughts which smelled of freedom and serenity.


sabereh lotfian
early in the morning waking up going outside breathing the air sailing on the waves of life ......
i really can't find new words to tell my ideas but so beautiful i loved it

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Christian Ward
I think we all feel like that sometimes. Life can be so stressful sometimes, we just need to escape.

Lovely write