Mutual feelings

I took off my shoes
Placed them next to yours
Yours looked so much bigger now, next to my small ones
I kind of liked that
Somehow it said you'd take care of me

We went into the living room
To say hi to your parents
I tried to speak as eloquently as possible
To make them like me
I could tell they did

We went down to your room
"Where the magic happens"
Lay down on your bed

It was getting late
So I called my parents to ask if I could sleepover
With all my surprise they said yes

As I pulled my sheets over myself that night
And when my eyes were slowly closing
You whispered "I think this is it"
"Huh?" I said, pretty sleepy but opened my eyes and looked at you
You started laughing, "Don't make me say it over again!"
"What did you say?" I smiled
Then you pulled me a little closer to you, looked me into my eyes and said:
"I think this is it, I think I've fallen in love with you"
And I just couldn't wait to tell you
I felt exactly the same

Poetry by Ingvild
Read 706 times
Written on 2006-07-16 at 14:18

Tags Love 

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Zachary P. B.
That's amazing! The beauty and feelings and emotions in this poem are so sweet. I loved the line "Somehow it said you'd take care of me..." it just struck out at me. I'm bookmarking this, another great poem. Simply magnificent. =)


this is the kind of poem, which brings back all sorts of memories, all sorts of mutual feelings, surely...relatable, in so many ways, undoubtedly with any reader. i especially liked the way your poem ended, such a respectable thought, and presentation, the sort of insinuation which works at bringing a smile to the reader's face, just as much as it must have brought one to the author's after she had finished writing it. my apologies, i dont have much constructive criticism to offer, i moreso just wanted to comment on how much i enjoyed reading it. well done.