a mourning cermony for lost comrades

Jungle Struck, In remembrance

With a quick leap Greg and his rifle disappeared and the two remaining members of the team were left stunned.

continued at a later date

Malcolm and Brandon had a long talk that night. Both were shaken to the point that they thought of nothing but death, and would only wonder when it's cold embrace would gain it's grip. They poured there thoughts out; sharing points of views, childhood stories, best and worst dates, but what neither of them mentioned were their fears. Fears that they had lost their two closest friends forever. Malcolm had known Greg since their days at the academy and Brandon had grown up with Chuck in DC's ghetto. Finally Malcolm brought up the subject, "We need to mourn them, I can't stand losing Greg and doin' nothin' about it..."
Brandon agreed and they simultaneously began prayer.

"Lord, will you forgive us for our sins, and will you forgive our enemies for theirs. Will you be our savior, and will you heed our prayers! Let our friends come out alive and well so that they may see their families one last time before deaths steely gaze takes them...Amen"

And with that last word, "Amen", Brandon cast the ashes from the fire that had been burning since the crash into a western breeze and began to weep.

To be continued.

Short story by Painful Profits
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Written on 2006-07-16 at 23:50

Tags Loss  Prayer  Friendship 

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