Through My Mind

long hours sitting home with nothing to do
he said to me" behave or ill beat you!"
so i decided to drink and take the pain away of being left behind
and i popped a few pills to be sure it was off my mind
i never thought that it would of happened, pushed into a forced relationship
all he wanted me to have was dick
what do i do, what the hell do i say
why is this happening, oops its too late
didnt think fast enough to make that big decisions
this is what i saw yah in my vision
now hes touching me, it starts to hurt
what do i say, whats the word?
STOP!! i shout but the pain gets worse
is this a fucking curse
daddy doesnt get home for 6 more hours
can i get away, do i have enough strength and power
please stop i yell!!
what the hell
what did i do
i did nothing to harm you
hes pulling down my pants
i cant move im in shock i feel im in a trance
he puts his hands on top of mine forcefully,
pinned to the bed, no chance for me
it had gone too far
i just heard a distant car
i tried to scream but know words were even spoken
my voice was broken
the pain hurt too bad to concentrate on moving
i wasnt confortable,.. it wasnt southing
4 hours left till daddys home
cant wait to see him and be alone
he finished violating me
and now his blue eyes are al that i see
he is standing right in front of me
he leaves and im all alone
should i run to the neighbors, pick up the phone!!
its no use
what if theres no proof
daddys home run to him
bad idea should of sank before i swim
i never thought of those words he said,...well i coudlnt that night i was found dead

Poetry by Michaela Massie
Read 552 times
Written on 2006-07-23 at 09:54

Tags Rape 

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