I have many truths not yet told
Some are new, some are old
My life is like an open book
peek inside if you dare to look
I lay awake during this long, cold night
I lay here and think of my life
In my future will I be a mother?
In my future will I be a wife?
Being who I am is alot more than it seems
But, still my life is nothing compared to all my dreams
I see things that are way bizzare
Dreams that take me way too far
I'm caught up in a life of pain
I'm hoping love is what I'll gain
But, for now my life is painful
But, now for God I am grateful
This is my life; like an open book
Dare to peek inside?
Dare to take a look?

Poetry by Michaela Massie
Read 512 times
Written on 2006-07-23 at 09:57

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