Something for the leaders and the followers, Hold it down.


Figthing to be different,
Fighting to be the same,
The program is set,
And it's hard to format the hard-drive,
You can spend a lifetime analyzing,
Your trip through the forest,
But the heart of the matter is this,

You may choose be the same,
It is your point of view that makes you,
No matter how bad you want to follow,
And you may choose to be different,
But it is our point of view as well as our feeling of belonging,
That make us the same,
Besides the obvious features,

When you look at it,
Fighting is pointless,
Choose to understand the two factors,
Acceptance takes time, and of course,
Your point of view,

The dancer moves without a trace.......

Poetry by Saga
Read 653 times
Written on 2006-07-28 at 05:44

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Kathy Lockhart
just keep feeding me! i am dining on good thoughts.

Very thought provoking write, nice job!