..Everything has changed,
.....Absolutely nothing's changed
Pearl jam - Corduroy


And it has come to pass,

Everyone wants it,
Everybody needs it once in a while,
Or is it, every now and then,
It's the right or wrong,
The ryhme or reason that becomes blurred,
When it is our time to make a move,

God created things for a reason,
To give us visual proof,
Of what the true meaning of life is,
Like the waves of the ocean,
As they move and crash upon the shore,
It just doesn't destroy and consume,
But also it consumes and creates,
That's what change is all about,

I said it once before comfort is a good thing,
And comfort is also a addictive thing,
Mixed with fear and worry,
It's the drive that closes the door on something,
And must be challenged, ourselves,
Ourselves to be better,
Ourselves to open our hearts,

Not to say that some changes are bad,
And for that you must understand your influences,
Along the way,
With good intentions bore evil moves as well,
These dwell and thrive especially through the dark times,
Obiviously we see no end to the madness,
But behind the scenes, it is the necessary,
The consumption of 'then',
That will eventually created the situation,
And the adaptation of 'now',

You can choose to stand still,
Or you can choose to blend,
The choice is and always will be yours,
But, ask yourself,
Can you afford the fee?,

A chance is advances multiplied,
To make anew, start over,
Or even be better than the person you were before,
The matter is change, a definition of something reinvented,
For the sake of a society, a group and even the one itself,
From a distance, he watches us all,
He asks to trust him and not be afraid,
Even when the fear swells within you,

And it will come to pass,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 1329 times
Written on 2009-05-08 at 18:46

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