I took a break for a while to think of some new material.

Based on the song 'Garden' from Pearl Jam

I don't question our existence,
I just question our modern needs,

The Garden

Decisions must be made now,
Of who we are,
And what we must be,
The time has come,
To practice untiy,
Not to talk it,
To understand diversity,
Not to rebel under the very name of it,

Look around you now,
Your greatest weapon is not the gun,
That rust and loses accuracy,
Not the knife,
That weathers and becomes dull,
No, it's love, corny as it seems,
But it is the basis we know as, human,

If this time has taught us anything,
Is to really have a full understanding,
Of our self- worth,
Financially, Physically and Mentally,
You see,
We still put the least important the of three,
Right up front,

Even the ones with the most, fall,
From money, that we give them
From grace, from what we give them,
And yet, here we sit, responsible for so much,
And take no blame,
But still we talk, find reasons,
But will not lift one finger to seek the solution,

I see a world,
Where everybody needs more,
More fame, more money,
More things, and wonder they're broke,
On all three sections,
For the price of more, you became, sold,
And nobody accepting refunds anymore,
They just sit back and laugh,

But I will not leave you sad,
I will not leave you alone,
Without these words,
When you have this,
Those three issues take care of themselves,
Yours and others self-worth grows,
We become more than clowns for show,
But a society of people with solutions,
People with self-respect,

A garden of diversity,
But all unified to accept who we really are,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 1222 times
Written on 2010-04-20 at 06:24

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