some is truth and some it not
some is reliable and some of it is plot
but the truth remains and it may come to pass
that I'd like to kick "peter's" narcissistic ass!

Just read fast and with force...the way it was written.

Fractured Peter The Pumpkin Eater

peter peter pumpkin eater
had a wife and he sometimes beat her
he put her in the funny farm
and there they did so much harm
to this wife of peter who lived a lie
for someone thought, "he such a great guy"
but all he did was consume and treat her
as though she was his personal feeder
he took her spirit and then her soul
he took her character and crushed it whole
he claimed he was the victim here
never having her to want him near
but she was tired of his beatings
and his terrible verbal mistreating
so she left that Peter in such a state
when she went out that unlocked gate
to freedom that she only once had known
when she was a child and not yet grown
and now she dwells upon the high hill
and listens to the mocking birds sing like whippoorwills
no longer does she take the abuse
she is a woman who lives unaccused
knowing that she is and was so much more
it took her thirty two years and now she's fifty-four
happy in living a life of her own
one that depends on herself alone
she comes and she goes just as she pleases
and never ever wipes his nose when he sneezes
so peter eat your pumpkin whole
take it down with the pulp, seeds and all
because I hope you choke upon the greed
of your self-centered narcissistic needs
I think that you will be the pumpkin head you are
and I would love to run you over with my car
but I will not for you will cause me distress
for I might get pumpkin pulp on my new dress!

Kathy Lockhart

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart
Read 1058 times
Written on 2006-08-02 at 03:15

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Malin Johansson
WOW This is a strong poem Kathy!!
Wimen shall never be treaten like that, NEVER!! and it's tragic that this stuff happens behind closed doors and sometime its to late to see it, but I give applause to the woman who stands strong and walk away from it, and for those who are trapped we can just pray that they will be rescued...
A great poem Kathy!!!

Kathy you are a LEGEND, phenomenal twist and better than the original if I might add.

I see each piece being more incredible than the others I can see someone is going to fill up my bookmarks LOL...

Smooth Read

Updated tale!!! GREAT job, I love the flow of it!

Mike did it again..great stuff!

good read here.....with such ass kicking!!!!love this write!!
had a wee chuckle when read twice"pumpkin head"pulp on my new dress..just cought me of guard in a chuckle......but words of understanding the meaning...behind this write..
cindy xxxxxx

I can remember peter peter pick up the piper...sounds good and very good written!!!!kissess(daughter)

Hmmmm. Sounds great when read fast... good job on the rhymes and description!

liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
love the last two lines at the end.


Zachary P. B.
Good poem here, I'm glad "the pumpkin eater" isn't so present in my fifty-four year old friend's life.

I liked the narrative =)

God bless,