I walked along a familiar path
my feet taking me away
I took the familiar bends and turns
just wanted to get away

What was it that bothered me
that took away my peace of mind
I wondered what made me so restless
What were the answers I could not find

I reached the lake beyond the fields
I found my favourite spot
Beneath a giant oak sat I
my mind lost in thought

The tree heard my silence
The leaves looked my way
Don't worry too much they said
tomorrow will be a better day

I told them they didn't know
how much grief I see around me
what can I do to make it less
to make the world trouble-free?

"The world is a battle-field my friend
fight to the best of your might
leave the rest to Him to judge
let Him decide what's wrong and right

You may want to change the world
but soon you'll see the truth
that a man can only do his best,
his actions will give him the fruits."

Poetry by Shraddha Manvi
Read 607 times
Written on 2006-08-05 at 07:10

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Yearning for knowledge and truth, very nice poem!

there is truth here... awesome write :)

keith nunes
you make a good point