I take too many antidepressants. It kind of makes me like numb.

Cemetary Gates

It's hard to miss something you can't feel
And I can't tell myself what I'm looking for.
There's a picture of the freedom that I thought I had,
But it's nothing like the pain before.
I'm looking at what I'm reduced to...
Three bottles of pills on the floor.
I refill the prescriptions when I'm human again,
And then I take twelve more.
I'm walking toward the cemetary gates
At 4:03 a.m.
The sound created by the wind
Screams, "I hate myself" again.
There's nothing up ahead,
Nothing there and no one here to walk me to the end.
Some songs can teach you the violence of time,
Or make you look like this.
Their words can either hold your hand
Or make you slit your wrists.
And if this is your last kiss,
Mark your grave with the print of your lips,
Watch the world laugh if you trip.
It's like I say everything with my foot in my mouth.
The angels tried to tie me up again, but I got out.
And even though I'm free for now, I'm lying on the ground.
Your footprints run across my back
But never make a sound.
In time, I pick myself back up, advancing toward tomorrow.
I'm soaking up the pain again, but still can't feel the sorrow.
And though memories scream back at me, I'll try to clean the slate.
I don't know how, but I'll say bye for now
To those cemetary gates.

Poetry by MaybeMemories
Read 1058 times
Written on 2005-08-29 at 19:05

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this is a sad sad poem.. almost a song to my ears.. but it`s so well written and composed in a way i really like.. kepp on writing;)

Btw. Thanks for the comment to my poem.. really nice to hear that you liked it:D