My Heart Lies Beside Me

Your body's wrapped in sheets,
As your tongue slides down my neck.
Place your fingers on my heartbeat,
Though it feels like we just met.
It's so hard to forget him,
Even when I'm here with you,
But I know I must move on someday,
And that is what I'll do.

I love the scented candles
That are burning through the room.
The smokey air blends perfectly
With the smell of my perfume.
Am I moving on too soon?
Because my heart is somewhere else.
I can feel it lying next to me
As you move throughout my mouth.

Your body starts to glisten,
And my breathing starts to race.
I look into your gorgeous eyes,
But only see his face.
And as you switch your pace,
The sweat falls down my lips.
But he is the one I wish you were,
The one I'll always miss.

Poetry by MaybeMemories
Read 775 times
Written on 2005-09-02 at 00:47

Tags Love 

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this is a good text, it takes time to get over a lost love. you describe it in a nice way with this poem, very good images of the situation and a beautiful choice of words

"The smokey air blends perfectly
With the smell of my perfume."

really liked the imaginary of this particular part.