A game of mind chess, and boy did that hurt!

I said....

One said that you had no right to be here,
Some said that you're not suppose to look that way,
Many say that you should mind your business,
But few, very few say that you have the right to be happy,

Plot thickens,

The basis of every bad or "evil" deed is created with the idea that the right thing is being done,
Control as the intention, 50/50,
But we as people are so easily swayed to this point,
As a leader or a follower,
Surrounded in a forest of revenge,
So is the ideas and beliefs, is a forest that is,
If you don't separate the two from the begining,
Like Yoda would say it, "lost in the forest you will be",

So why do I say happiness?,
It is a foundation that everything must begin,
We all walk paths that leads into many forests,
And in the forest, it's all about input and output,
To meet a situation, as one or as a group,
You must first begin with happiness,
It's your security blanket for your output,
Whether good or ill,
And most of all, it keeps you healthy in all ways,

Treasure the things that you need,
Not the things that you want,
Need last a lot longer than want,
And as people we want the best,
But you never hear anyone say, "we need the best" anymore,

Words, easy to say, hard to use,
Easy to hurt and hard to feel,
But in all things, remember,
Smile, you'll live longer,

The dancer moves without a trace

Poetry by Saga
Read 580 times
Written on 2006-08-07 at 04:47

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Kathy Lockhart
another write deep with wisdom.

keith nunes

Witty--very thought-provoking, I especially like the line about Yoda:)