it's a song, not a poem! :D

The path of life

crystals of snow, tumbles through the air
covering the land in a blanket of white
a child lies in a ditch, trying to heel her wounds
her father left her
her brother passed away
her mother she have only seen once
the day she first opened her eyes

(One lost soul)
(One longing heart)
A lonely girl wandering
(One salt tear)
(One soundless scream)
The cold path of life

Twirling snowflakes, lightens up the sky
dances with the wind, takes a rest on a branch
the child, crawls up, from her tomb filled with snow
in a blizzard with claws
in a dance between the snow
in a world filled with icing hate
for the non explainable

(One lost soul)
(One longing heart)
A lonely girl wandering
(One salt tear)
(One soundless scream)
The cold path of life

The world is white, but have black heart
for people with lesser fortune, the once who don't fit in
Abandoned children, forgotten widows
and poor working men, who carries the world on the shoulders

The little girl has found her rest, and the snow is turning red
the wound she had, it did not heel
and life is pouring out from her head
You can see her in the snow in winter
You can see her in the stars at night
her feet you hear softly tapping
on the path of life

Poetry by MoonChild
Read 614 times
Written on 2005-08-29 at 21:48

Tags Cold 

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oh i like this... now im curious to hear the music that accompanies these words youve put down here... :) again, i like this... its real, its deep, it comes from your heart, you know... if you need help with the spelling, please dont hesitate to ask me... itd be my pleasure to help out if thats something you mind in your written work (i say this cause there are quite a few corrections in spelling to be made in this text as well, but i wont correct them cause im not sure where you stand concerning that and i dont want to irritate you, you know... not my intention but never know).... beautiful song, sad and lonely... i can identify in my own way... would you give more details about the music for this song in your author note maybe? im a music nut and now im sooo curious hehe ;) :D thanks for sharing... i enjoyed this :)

later... xx