Poisonous Love

Her beauty embrased by darkness
Her soul an eternal light
Eyes deep as the ocean
Deadly wounds from an ancient fight

sun brakes through the mist
in a sacred place
the light warm ice cold skin
but it's a hopeless case

a slowly killing poison
invisible to any eye
is taking her life so softly
that she's not afraid to die

Love she experienced once
more destructive then words can say
so now in the mist she lies
her life slowly fading away

Poetry by MoonChild
Read 764 times
Written on 2006-02-06 at 10:28

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Zoya Zaidi
"so now in the mist she lies
her life slowly fading away"

She need not lie in the Mist,
Let her come out into the Light,
Let her look up and see,
The Sun is shining bright,
The Moonbeam comes to kiss her cheeks,
The rain comes and drenches her in its shower light,
The flowers are abloom in the valley,
Its just like Paradise...!
Let her come out into the light...!

((((((hugs to ease a little her plight))))))

xxx, Love, Zoya

There is a nice flow to this,and some very nice lines :-)

Nice imagery and expression.
Good work.