The words between the lines of the past present and future....


There is no disconnection,
You must be fully assembled,
You can't be touched,
If you don't want to feel,
And from this, you must start,
Not only to be, not only to become,
But how to heal,
Learning is not a tool meant to dwell,
It is meant to be tested, used and amended,
To fit the scheme of all things,
It is because of this that we all artists in our own way,
Surrounded by your results, you must evaluate,
But not judge,
Do not be a victim of your own point of view,
The world is in harmony when a common cause is sought,
By a foundation of point of views, not only one,
A combination of beauty created by the thoughts of many,
Tomorrow, does it have to come?, Morrissey said,
The obvious will come at the end of line,
Will it?, Won't it? and Why?,
You cannot disconnect, you must believe in the idea,
If you don't, you defeat the purpose,
No one loves in caution,
But we choose to be drunken by our precautions,
Plain and simple truth, you can't even control your breath,
How can you control anything else?,
Do not be shaken, you're already prepared,
With only what you need, not what you want,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
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Written on 2006-08-09 at 05:58

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Kathy Lockhart
this is a tremendous write! I love your words of wisdom spoken so eloquently. There is so much here to read and study, I will bookmark. kathy