Treasure everything that you feel that is merely trivial....


The innocense of day is spawned before us,
As we lie in peace, in wait,
For the cry of morning will soon come,
As my lost eyes open,
To see your soul- founded beauty,
Through the scramble and assembly of the day,
You come with coffee, a power bar, or a cigarette,
Welcomed by tasks, demands and pressure,
I am dragged through it,
But I'm clinged to my memories of the gift,
You have given,
Afternoon gives me a line for a quick meal,
Subtle chatter and review of more tasks,
You know when the madness begins,
You give me your voice to melt it away,
Lost are my eyes for the car,
To get home, to get to you,
Be there, I beg of you,
Armed with your smile,
Filled with your questions,
That I will answer, good or ill,

We are not all that strong,
We are not all that tough,
We all want and treasure,
The one gift that God gives all of us,
Each other,
Now in our slumber, we will sleep in peace,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
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Written on 2006-08-09 at 07:12

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