I guess we have to keep an open mind, eye guess?

A poems dream (Reprieved)?

what exactly is the poets dream? are we united when we speak (inside) these words and frequencies. I recently read some Buddhist text that channelled to me that: ' annihilation of the self will create a state of bliss and peace, as the world is coveted in duplicitous greed and lost tenets.
This lead me to write the sentence; The Poets Dream? as i wanted to see what images or words its connotations rendered to the readers of this text... so what do you think, is the future going to be a utopia or are we heading for a certain uncertain stream? i guess?... since consciousness is subjective to the air we breathe in... and the power of the imaginations reign is freedom... a poets dream is open to interpretation, "just like one can see hell or heaven up close from the distance"... the angel said: the future starts with leaving the past (and creating new ways of seeing the present). The soul is the life force - a creator of worlds, but everything starts with a belief of something?

Peace + Love = us.

Words by D'Antay Web
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Written on 2006-08-09 at 18:00

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Each dream is different, however similar, just as each dreamer is uniquely individual. A poem, may and does alter both the poet and their reader even in the slightest iota of transformation. The word does not return void......

We're all individuals, each with our opinion of the past, present and future...
The best way to determine the future is to build it. Starting with the present. Learning from the mistakes of the past.
Utopia - no way. Uncertain stream - no way. Peaceful, loving environment - possible. Beginning - me, you, us.