"Alchemy in silenceā€¦. poems are an offering to the eternal life and spirit
of air and breath; in deliverance and requiem".

The Quill Feathered Pen ( The Moonlight Sermon and Service)

It was the day after tomorrow and yesterday
The light was on in the barn house
Eye can see it
from the passage way
A bird flew out of the sky
fluttering petals met by stillness in the waters
as scattered quill wings
Sprawled on the landing
a spiraling iris and swirling hand rail
feathers on the misty white clouds in midnight vapour trails
Vacillating down upon this blood splattered page /
That at the same time / is turning
into the mourning;
As red rose petals were flurried from the embryo mead
Snow was shuffled off the asphalt motorway
towards the silver-lit barbed wire fence
and in a secret location
Flutter-less and still in pane
Eye twist its neck in mercy.
Seeing vermillion ink tears eke out of this quill pen to vehemently relinquish
A poem written on the wind and moonlight stained glass surface
Ascendancy of the spirits
like air on a cold day that evaporates inside the breath of achelmy science
the summer solstice
so gentile and tainted
Meanwhile, as the sheep shearer shaves off
cotton filled clouds
I see a butcher running in the field (naked)
His blood stained hands and apron
flying in the wind (addendum)
Now being washed inside the slaughter houses basin
The dusk of neon midnight moon in lucid loom of fluffy white veils
Semi-transparent shrouds of deliverance
Floating past the barn house
A silent night... beyond comprehension -
the farmers have gone fox hunting again
As a wolf in sheep clothing hides inside the den
behind the shrub inside the garden
LURKING behind
the barbed wire fence
the disbanded flock look upon the crops of lost tenets
as a poachers shot, was then fired in the dark
to graze the sheep Shearer shaving
as blood is dripping from the pale white basin of dwell
The moonlight sermon in the barn house continues
as Silence awakes the voice that's calling hell.

Poetry by D'Antay Web
Read 1058 times
Written on 2006-08-22 at 18:04

Tags Spiritual 

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beautiful !
Good work

Dark, Hauntingly beautiful text. It is so desciptive and in-your-face..great job!

Dark, Hauntingly beautiful text. It is so desciptive and in-your-face..great job!