An allegorical tale that has persisted in spirit; in transmutations anew?

The Secret Passage we Float Aloof

A little bird in a tree squawking discreetly
The silent distance of derelict fields and intimacy:
(Silence) revolving inside the spiralled sepal whirlpools
The route of our rose petal flagrant maze
Weightlessly faltering red corpus
Underneath the barricade
The secret passage we float with the sage
The secret passage we float aloof
(Underneath the arc of dark crimson shade)
inside the essence of our fašade
we lie so tenderly beautifully still
Detached from 'truth' our sleep obtuse
As once more... we're watching... 'sepals on the dew' ?
The bird in the tree

Spiritually searching . . .

(Where we were). . .?. . .

Before the seer seas.

Words by D'Antay Web
Read 1175 times
Written on 2006-10-03 at 15:34

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