The Junkie - I Used To

I used to have a wife
To come home to every night
I used to see my son
I used to hold him tight

I used to have a job
It used to pay quite good
I used to have a house
I thought I always would

I used to have some friends
Id see them now and again
We used to go out sometimes
life was much better when

I used to have it all
There was nothing more to get
It used to be so different
I wasnt a junkie yet

Poetry by AL DAMORE
Read 735 times
Written on 2006-08-10 at 02:43

Tags Drugs  Regret 

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thats a pretty good write there
i like it, i do believe its worthy of song
its meaningful; being a junkie is bad
although you never think it could happen to you, but it does anyway