I Dont Want To Write About Being Alone

I don't want to write about being alone. Theres no use complaining about the silence of the phone. That topics been covered many times, in many rymes that aren't my own.
I'd rather think of something interesting to say, about the beauty of the sun or the peace in the day. I'd love to write about my last lover, but not how she didn't stay.
It dosen't matter if were apart or she broke my heart,I've kept those feelings at bay. I'd rather find meaning in politics,even fleas and ticks, Then bore you with my tears of sorrow. Id be happy to write about my optimism for tommorow. I have plenty of time to sit here and think,theres no one to disturb no one to cut the link of my thoughts. I like to focus on my haves, not my have-nots. Of love I have little, of spare time I have lots.
I dont want to write about being alone - but I just did.
I stuffed my feelings in a jar, but they grew, expanded and poped of the lid!

Poetry by AL DAMORE
Read 888 times
Written on 2006-08-14 at 16:09

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thanks for your optemisim, man...
lovelig writing, made me smile.. thats not bad on a nigth like this...hehe..

the first two lines are great. and the rhyme scheme is really awesome.