Trying To Hard?

Am I trying to hard to feel?
Or to say?
Am I trying to hard to yield?
Trying to hard today?
Am I trying to force something that,
It seems is just not there?
Should I sit back, accept my life,
Accept that things aren't fair?
Accept my mundane ways?
Be thankful for passing days?
That I enjoy with perfect health
Do my dreams overshadow all the wealth,
That surronds the world but can't be seen?
Am I trying to hard to say what I mean?
Do I even have a point?
What exactly is a point?
Am I trying to hard to understand?
Why do I analyze lyrics from every band,
That has a singer who claims he's misunderstood?
Is it because I think I could
Say the same if I tried hard enough?
Yeah, thats probably it,
When I stop trying so hard, Ill try to quit

Poetry by AL DAMORE
Read 663 times
Written on 2006-08-12 at 02:38

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I like this one it so funny yet so serious at the same time , WOw , i like this one bookmark it i will...
Very well written
Very well Done!!!!!!