A Bar, A couple of friends with memories and a Long Island Ice Tea later,
and here you are

Blending Cocktails on 12th and Crescent

We were not made to be alone,
That's why the lonely, on some occasions,
Wind up at a bar,
To do it or over- do it,
They look for the truth to be just as sweet as the drink,
Or to be bold enough to tell the truth, to themselves,
Why am I here?, What am I doing?,
Most of them can't find happiness unless it is here,
How false it is, yet they persist,
And yet, here I am,

Depressed, nah,
I'm here for other reasons,
To be with friends,
We drink, talk, and remind ourselves,
How we were, What we are now, And who we are dying to be,
One of them asked me about the funniest thing,
When will you have a family?,
I answered with one word, patience (not really),
Why run blindy when you can walk with some sense,
Relationships are a full-time job that should never be made on a dare,
So much to invest, So much to risk,
Don't be too analytical, but at the same time, don't be foolish,

Cocktails never complain about what part of the glass they're on,
Or how they blend together for our comsumption,
Maybe someday, we will not rush this,
Sooner or later, we will savor this,
And then tomorrow, we'll hope we remember it,
"Hello" always came before "I love you",
And that's the way it should be,
Because after all,
We were not made to be alone,
Enjoy your drink,

The dancer moves without a trace

Poetry by Saga
Read 557 times
Written on 2006-08-10 at 06:20

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Kathy Lockhart
wonderful title and fantastic content. You set the scene; i saw you there. But, that Long Island Tea just goes to my head and fast! I must remember to only have one! Excellent read! kathy