The relationship of time and memory, you choose which is the man or the woman


The times I remember,
The time I forget,
I want to forgive,
But I will never erase it,
All the time, it wanders,
Like a cause that won't be lost,
Why do we do this?,
Do you or we ever asked?,
And yet we spare no expense,
We want to be there,
For a moment, a thought, or even a second,

I can't do it this time,
I won't accept it this time,
Moderation not abuse must be my guide,
In this comfort zone,
I must push, go on, strive,
Success is not for those who hide,
But it so easy to curl up,
All the time,

Even though they roll together,
Time never has time for memory,
You might call it "emotionally unavailable",
So much going on,
Who wants or even desires to savor?,
Like all things,
Accomplishments comes from,
More mutual misunderstandings than unaminous decisions,
I guess it strengthens the unit,
Sometimes, it's good to talk slow,
Sometimes, it's good to move the line,
Always, Always, Always,

The dancer moves without a trace

Poetry by Saga
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Written on 2006-08-11 at 05:48

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Sometimes, it's good to talk slow,

hell, yeah . This text is so good . I also thing its monologue-ism and flow is unique

beguiling, enchanting, thought provoking

brilliant, girl, brilliant...

the times I remember,
the time I forget...

those lines got me from the start. beautyfully written and full filled with emotions..
I'm really glad I came over this one, thanks for sharing


Excellent write, excellent flow..BRAVO!

Excellent write, excellent flow..BRAVO!