I see the verse from "The Omen", "From the shores he rises, creating armies on either side, turning man against his brother until man exists no more"

Stand up and be smart!!!

I have been many things,
But I was raised by a soldier to be a soldier,
And I did what I could,
At the time and at the mentality,
Would I change a few things?, yes,
But we live in reality, and we must deal with now,
I have no time to blame,
Not even the strength to point the finger,
And there is no sheet to cover the truth,
We must defend, we must fight,

Yes, I've been to the World Trade Center,
I saw them attack my home,
For something that has been going on for centuries,
The war of greed, between those who claim,
Crusades, Jihad,
Always the innocent caught in the middle,
Always united in defeat,

I'm not afraid to fight you or them,
I'm just tired of evil parading themselves,
Behind a belief that has nothing to do,
With their crimes against humanity,
And especially, their own,
And this is for both sides,

I told you before that I was a soldier,
Not the MTV version, the real thing,
And the soldier part of me never dies,
But my common sense is just as strong,
I see your cause, but you kill it with your lies,
What's so hard about telling the truth?,

All for a claim, that doesn,t belong to either of us,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
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Written on 2006-08-12 at 04:17

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