We search too hard for a thing that is either in front of you or will come when the time is right.

A journey

Why don't they make this easier,
Everybody else is doing it,
The greatest treasure of all,
Also the most eluding thing on the planet,
Wonderful highs and dangerous lows,
But never will we rest,
And those who have will get up annd continue to walk, soon,

We praise it, curse it,
And yet, we keep it so close to us,
Many will give it to us,
But the tricky part is will the chosen give it to us,
And some of us is still looking for the chosen,
Like an endless casting call,
We seek and do auditions,
Of not ourselves, but our representatives,
And we left to answer,
"If we like the rep., would we like the real thing?",

We made it a lottery,
We seek signs,
We even made it a business,
But can we really say "It works for me?",
Can we really say it would last,
Who knows and who cares,
I think as long as they get there,
What does it matter?,

I not this good in this department,
But I'll give it a shot,
I've learn that truth is a good pair of shoes,
And reality is a great walking stick, ( yes, I'm using this word again),
And it is you duty to see and explore different reps.,
Because whatever will happen, will happen,
For good or ill,
That why they call it relationships,
It's a full-time job, you never clock out,
Filled with compromisesand affection,
But if you have an idea about the art of nuturing,
You have a pretty good chance that you will complete your journey,
How did I do?,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 638 times
Written on 2006-08-12 at 04:39

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Good read very well put
i liked it very much...............

keith nunes
good one. a walk on the uncertain side.