My mind is full of these things, so full that it is pounding to come out. I must release some more of these thoughts about these times we live in today.

Tell Me When The World Will Be Right

oh sleep where have you gone
my eyes are heavy and my mind is worn
thinking about today, yesterday and tomorrow
i feel the urgency of tremendous sorrow
for all that's happening in this world of events
my patience for happiness is long over spent
whenever bombs are flying and people are dying
my mind is trying to make order of things that
happen in cities, deserts, and jets
there's just no sense i can make of it
why does hatred fill the air,
seep into lives without a care?
are there any answers anywhere?
no sleep for me; no purpose do I see
for my comtemplation is rapidly raging
and the powers, entities of greed are waging
a battle for the souls left unattended
while the soldiers are dying, trying to end it.
the authors of destruction hide in their caves
hoping their own souls to save
give directions for murder and annilation
to all who live in every nation
and sit alone in railway stations
waiting to board for their final destination
as the bombs ignite, the planes explode in flight,
and missiles fly throughout the night.
Tell me when the world will be right
i just can't sleep

Kathy Lockhart

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2006-08-12 at 07:59

Tags War 

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Your thoughts are your art.
I won't continue to harp on how gifted you are.
I will just say this piece reflects the gift.

Tremendous Write Again Kathy (BM)

Zachary P. B.
my dear kathy...

the world will be right when you smile and when you laugh, because you affect others...

the world will be right when they listen to the poets, inventors, artists, creators, they are the betterment of humanity...

the world will be right when we all join hands for a common cause...

the world will be right when it is remade and we are back in our Father's hands...

beautiful poem dear Kathy, i'm sad about the world too...


very good poem but a fact should be well known there will never be world peace check my poem world peace? i gave reasons. Though most people didnt concour with mi but that is the fact.

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
hey there a rate 5

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
hi there Kathy a wonderful poem and feeling the urgency of tremendous sorrow aptly tells the story your skill with words is so well demonstrated here rgds mike

This made me cry..since my father passed away (killed) I am asking the same question everyday! Thanx for this poem, it was words I was searching for, for a very long time...


Excellent Kathy and written with a conviction that we all share.

Dan Cederholm

Hey there Kathy!!!

Yes when will the world be right?????????

I am thinking abouy the use and abuse of

children in wartime and civiltime . . .

And the finaly destination when people

use children to think and act like warlords

its a ratrace out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who fools who I often ask me!!! And the

answear is blowing in the wind when the

bombs are still falling echoes from people

that are dying is ringing still so still in my

head . . . . So sleep where have you gone?

And oh my mind when do I going to find

rest and peace . . . I think when I reach

Heavenly ground!!!

Regards Dan . . .

Great thinking and writing here Kathy ! ! !


my eyes got misty when i read this.

Tell Me When The World Will Be Right?
This is forever question Mom..Why there's a lot of civilian people suffering and why there's a lot of children dying ,..where is the love? We should pray for them, for peace and for our world!!!nicely done!!!!kissess(daughter)

Why? we will never know
destruction of one world
we all live in!!!!
A wish to find love not hatred!!
to fight for our country!! we
all live as one!this planet I call one country!our world!
love this write MommaKac!
We all are by your side!
waiting when the world will be RIGHT!
we all think the same, to live as one!!:)
beautiful words!!
MommaKac :)