Seeking the path that leads to Love?

The Journey and The Flight: Reflections of Life

The anticipation of her voice, is like waiting... for the essence of the wind,
To Carry in one swift breath of air.... The flight of a dove...
I remember her telling me, with a reminiscent gaze,
Of when she was a kid, and watching this mystical bird on its destiny's journey
Its wings carefree flying in peace and harmony
I wonder could peace be upon us, can nature let our love be free
Will destines flight guide us and protect us,
And take us to a place of natural uninhibited love
For love like a bird, is a freespirit
Which can bite and inflict anyone, who chooses to cross its path
For am I being selfish in trapping its essence
And using on those I desire . . ..
As she recalls this bird to her memory, a teardrop now forms in her eye
Because, she now realises it is a symbol, a reflection of life, her life
She knows, she shall never have such freedom, for she is caged
A sacred bond has trapped her
Love has blinded her
Sometimes she feels like a precious bird forced to face life
With this protective barrier surrounding her
Oh, only if she could escape
I wonder? ...Could she be that dove in flight?
Whose emancipate flight had glided into black night?
Its journey of peace through the darkness dismisses the fear and prejudice
Attached to black
She looks through natures black exterior
And welcomes nature as her soulmate
She fly's together with nature, side by side
Does this feel natural, flying in this natural glide?
As she fly's peacefully in her reincarnation of this bird
A naive bird who drifted into the garden of forbidden fruit
And foolishly gambled to take a taste
Oh, its essence was so sweet
She knows she should have resisted
She just could not help herself . . .
Its now time . . .
To awaken from this sweet surreal subliminal fantasy
And lay in reflection of the journey and the flight
Will she stay or flock her lock
Now her sacred vow is broken
Either way she shall lose
Because she has to choose
So I guess... destines path is in the wind
And her time, her reincarnation, will maybe be with nature
In a lovers carefree flight of sin.

Poetry by D'Antay Web
Read 758 times
Written on 2006-08-12 at 17:25

Tags Love 

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A choice for a perspective to believe.
A consequence.

A life to live on. Love.