I met him last night... (the boy from "I dont hate you")
been almost a year since now....so sudden,one day he called me saying he still loved me, wanting to meet me again...
why do I do this to myself?? somehow inside I knew it was suicide...

High class misery

Certain, I'm not...
sceard, yes,I am
there is this warning above me,
And I realize,that you will never see
the pain lives on inside of me

I can not turn now
I am walking alone
draged to the memories
though they are allready gone

I wont forget
but time made me kinda forgive...
I am willing to meet you
alone in the dark,
on a bench in the park...


Dark outside
strangled by the air
alone again
thinking life aint fair

as drunk as I could possibly be
broken again, by a faded memory

I tryed to stay strong
to smile between tears
but do you know,
you reinvented the fears

so to drown all my sorrow
I went out to get drunk
and then I made love
to the bottle and a punk

misery caugth me
as the bed went cold
I realized my heart stoped beating
back when I was 16years old...

Poetry by ChiLLie
Read 759 times
Written on 2006-08-13 at 00:41

Tags Misery 

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This is wonderful..
If you love him, be strong ;)
You'll get trough it with a smile ;)
I loved it.. <3

keith nunes
heartbreaking. don't give up. keep writing