two different events taking place in different times brought together by Pacabel's Canon in D.

A Wedding, Canon in D, God, and Me

Went to the sweetest wedding today
And witnessed happiness, joy, and tender smiles.
The groom was tall and handsome
And beamed as his bride walked the aisle.

Radiance glowed from those faces in love
And the music was Pacabel's Canon in D.
I listened to the organ play the piece
And thought of a place I longed to be.

The colors were lavender and pure white
The flowers were fragrant roses and soft lilies
But my mind took me to another time
As I closed my eyes so peacefully...

I was given the sweetest ride today
And witnessed trees and mountain streams.
The trees reached toward the clear blue sky;
The sun danced through the branches, it seemed

As I was caught up in that place in time,
Emotions welled up inside me
Of Pacabel's Canon in D;
Thanking God for each beautiful tree.

And as the music continued to play,
My memories touched my soul, its true.
For my God spoke to my heart that day
Saying, "Child, I made each one for you."

I opened my eyes; they were filled with tears
And love for my Heavenly Father.
The minister blessed the Bride and Groom
And the couple went forth together.

As the man and woman were married this day
With flowers of fragrant roses and soft lilies
I fell in love again with God's words
He, alone, is who can fulfill me.

Kathy Lockhart

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2006-08-13 at 06:43

Tags Faith  God  Wedding 

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Very touching. I think I have found a soul mate here.
God Bless

Dan Cederholm

Hello Kathy what a wonderful work,

and a wonderful reading I love it!!!

Regards your friend Dan

Keep up the faith Kathy!!


Zachary P. B.
wow wow wow...

dear wondrous kathy your faith and your poetry is so awe inspiring for a boy like myself. =)

"He, alone, is who can fulfill me"

we all forget that He is the key to our heart, not a groom or bride, but our Creator Savior and Friend...

wondrous write dear Kathy. =)


No words to describe this write!!
unbelievable.. in every word...took me away a peace of ones mind, what i found in this read:)
thanku Mommakac
hugerama of many!!

I'll excuse you as you touch the sky. God blessed you with the ability to explain so eloquently. Use it wise, use it well.