The webs we weave to be with anyone we want. Don't make checks your body can't cash, - Top Gun

You didn't even noticed

Yesterday I stayed,
It wasn't because I had no where to go,
Or I just didn't want to see you,
I just realized I had responsibilities,
I made a commitment,
With my fingers crossed behind my back,
I don't know why I even see you,
But, like always, here we are,
In the same room, the same suits,
And the same looks,

You asked me once, "Do I love her?",
I guess you got what you were looking for,
Because I had no answer for that, but,
I did say something,
"We don't know how to talk to each other anymore",
We're just roommates with kids under this roof of lies,
Tragic enough to sing about,
But more ignorant to live in it,

Today I'll use you,
For warmth, for lust, for silence,
Sorry I didn't noticed the packed bags at the door,
And you saying "This is the last time",
I love this game because you know that's all this is,
Maybe you ask the same questions,
From the man who leaves the toilet seat up,
In our bathroom, in our home,

Greedy kids playing with emotional toys,
Prostitution with wedding bands,
Too lustful to be honest,
Too desperate not to be alone,
We never noticed the product of our fun,
They're more confused than angry,
We pray that they won't follow,
The same, sick game of "Follow the leader",

Tomorrow, I'll be here,
Alone perhaps, or with you,
You will be with some else too,
And so will you, And so will you,
Who'll watch our followers,
Who'll teach our followers that this is all wrong?,
I just didn't noticed that,
I just didn't even noticed,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 538 times
Written on 2006-08-13 at 07:05

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This is a great work

It's wonderful!
Full of emotions and passion!
A really good Write ;)
Keep It Up (Y)

Kathy Lockhart
the brutal sadness of this reality is raw and opened as a sore. Ouch! You have hit the places and situations of many who are in the same situation you describe here.