I call this a funny little politcal cocktail.

A International Issue

Has this ever happen to you?,
You woke up, with no pain,
You was fit and you couldn't remember the last time you were worried,
You went and "Shining Happy People" were holding hands,
You watch the news and for once, it was honest,
Iran talked about growing flowers at the White House,
Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Israel was having a cookout,
And we were all invited,
You went to the airport and got a first-class ticket,
To North Korea to visit their new forest among their nuclear plants,
But you had to make it quick because Castro wants you for dinner,
At the casino in Cuba, Gloria Estafan is playing,
And at the end of the day,
Everybody bought each other a Coke,
And sang all the stars to sleep,
Boring, Isn't it?,
Real boring?,

The dancer moves without a trace

Poetry by Saga
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Written on 2006-08-13 at 07:41

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Nice ironic cocktail, you traceless one!