This is a reworked version of a previously posted poem of the same title.

Edit; I've changed the first stanza somewhat

The Lonesome Wanderer

Sometimes he wanders naked through the night;
On a lonesome path stripp'd of divine light
One such time he felt the most yearnful lure;
Ne'er had he beheld a lady more pure!

Thus did he, fill'd with sudden hope inquire;
"Milady! Ne'er have I known such desire,
Prayshed a glimmer of that gleam thou ow'st;
'Pon the course of this traveler's old ghost"

"Thou hast the visage of a star most bright;
Thy smile; the power to banish all blight
Will'st thou not bestow such gracious a gift?
Prithee, grant thy fey means to cross this rift!"

Sadly, t'was naught but a lonely wisp's guile;
A ploy to make him walk this lonesome aisle
The faerie who wove such a hopeful spell
Shed crystalline tears as she hear'd him yell;

"In truth, the flaming torch hath disappear'd!
Alas; ere come o' dawn t'will be as fear'd
My naked corpse shall rest across these trails;
For no goddess did ever hear my wails!"

Poetry by Thomas Selnes The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 461 times
Written on 2006-08-13 at 20:11

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J. E.
Wow, neat. Enjoyable!

Shakespeare would have without doubt bowed to your artistry with the pen!
This is just so amazing a read.

Beautiful..quite breathtaking. I love the old English feel to it. For sure a keeper..brillant work again:)

Remaking old poems - why not?
Yes, this version is more developed than the other one. (I read the new one first, and then the first version, which then seemed to me ending a little abruptly.) As to the language, it is nicely flourishing in both cases! Thanks for a pleasant read!