More Mr. Jenkins. (Rob's sonnet "Shaken, Not (Just) Stirred" gave rise to the title)

Shaken, not disturbed

His appearance didn't
bode well for business,
what with his tailored coat
all rumpled and stained
- and red. So damn red.

But then again, one couldn't
really blame him for trying,
what with his strange habits,
like uttering utterances
about apples. And light bulbs.

"Jenkins. Mister Jenkins." He'd say,
grinning like a demented fool,
"I'll have some apples."
"And some light bulbs."
"Shaken, not disturbed mind you!"

Ever the oddball, Mr. Jenkins.
But we loved him all the same.
What with his oddities
and unmentionables, yes;
that we certainly did.

Poetry by Thomas Selnes The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 1098 times
Written on 2007-10-02 at 19:08

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We certainly did, and how could we not?

Elle The PoetBay support member heart!
This is wonderful Thomas - thank you for these - I'm still chuckling here as I read

Elle x

Rob Graber
I literally Laughed Out Loud (I forbear the fashionable abbreviation in deference to my senior-citizen status) when I realized that your protagonist is not calling Mr. Jenkins, but is CALLED Mr. Jenkins. Ergo, line 11 is his mock emulation of none other than James Bond, aka agent 007, who famously orders his cocktail "shaken, not stirred." Anyway, my only suggestion for your wonderful text is that Mr. Jenkins, in his droll (?) allsuion to 007, ought to have heavily emphasized the word "Mister." So it might be cool somehow to emphasize the "Mr." in line 11.
PS: I am hoping that my sonnet title "Shaken, Not (Just) Stirred" can claim credit for triggering the memories that led to this poem? :-,?