Just a essay/poem about what I have gained along this path of poetry and musing, and writings, and loving with each of you. Thank you! from your Mom, Mother, Mommamac, Sprite, Kathy, Kath, Katherine. Me!

My Travels Bring Me To You.

I meet people along the way
Fortunate to stop and talk
And listen to the things they say
I have been taught
I have been about love
About romance, and monkeys, and medicine
I have been taught about giving of myself
Pulling the deepest part of me
From the darkest caverns of my soul

I have been on journeys
With grandpas and fathers of brides
With lovers who meet only twice a year
Meet travelers along this path
Who bring us to one place ... here

The lonely and the brave
Certain of nothing but the moment
Then, find my other friends
Who have given of themselves
For the betterment of ourselves
The ones who stand in rain
And hold messages up
So all can see the world
A world that brings happiness
Perhaps, some bitterness and pain

Been blessed to meet
The forests of mystical creatures,
sprites, imps, gods, and goddesses
Some troglodytes
In their individual spheres
I am a traveler, I reach out
And open doors in my path
Doors that lead me here
Wealth of friends that go by different names
So many that have been with me
As I travel in this life-sharing train
Each car is full of differences, diversity
And ethnic musings of delight

Glad, I am, that I have a ticket that lets me ride
The rides throughout the days and nights
What would I be without each of you?
You are something specially deep within my sight
I would be just a traveler with an empty sack
Nothing to add and nothing to take back

But, oh, the joy of having it filled,
With so much cancer on the ground
That's just the way I want it because now
I hand each piece out along the way
Giving what I found
To others in need
I can be Johnny Appleseed
Sowing words of kindness with my love
The words that have been given
By each of you
I will plant them, water them
Tend them, you will see
A garden of lovely flowers in bloom
Along the path that I am traveling

Pieces of each
Have fertilized the ground
Grow rainbows that sprout from earth
Reach high up to the sky
And melt upon the world
With colors and sparkles and kisses
From all the words you give
You take me places I have never been
To cafes, by-ways, park benches
Wharfs, bedrooms, backrooms
With your treasure trove
Imagine just the joy of having you
The nation of the world of poets.


Poetry by Kathy Lockhart
Read 494 times
Written on 2006-08-14 at 04:31

Tags Travels  Thanksgiving 

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Dan Cederholm
Hey Kathy my friend!!!

WWWwwwooowwwWWW and BRAVO!!!

What a great poem you have written here!

A testimony of travelling on poetbay !

Many of us can se ourselves in this poem

And I can say it's a little bit of time


Because we all live around the earth from

North America Europe Australia Africa and

so on!

And the care you have for all of us is the

care of someone who really can reach '

and touch peoples heart in the way Jesus

Christ and the disciples do!!!

A great poem with so much love and care!

With all of my brotherly love,

your brother in Christ/Dan


lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
hi there a lovely poem Kath and so beautifully put well done on all the images engendered rgds mike

Didnt realise you were a Katherine as well

Sandy Hiss
I'm always so amazed when people write such lengthy poems. It would take me forever to come up with all those lines. Your words are inspirational, thanks for sharing with us.

Malin Johansson
Beautiful poem here Kathy :)))
and yes what would we do if we didnt had the chance and honor to meet other humanbeeings, souls, loving and caring hearts... a great poem here...keep on walking :)))
Hugs to you

"What would I be without each of you?"

yes!!!like me what would I be without you Mom!!!! this is beautiful every word beautiful!!!!kissess (daughter)

the gift of such passion
in the care and understanding
you are the dooz:)

I love the words you say:

what you have gained along
this path of poetry and musing,and writing
and loving with each of you!!

how we all love the depth you do show
in your words of poetry and the stories you do tell...
what can I say:
Hugerama funerama bliss!!!!!!!! :)
I like that!!!! I like that aaaaaaaaaaalot:)
Love you to the moon and back:)
On your mark get set goooooo!!!:)
a wee bit of jokerama !!!

"Remember when we were together,
We were alone and I was singing this song for you" Beautiful work!!