My ideas about the axe, the grinder and the tree

The grinder

Everyone is a threat,
Your boss, your co-worker, your employees,
Everyone wants their own kingdom,
But no one wants to run it,
Or even be the janitor,
Do you know that the average person keeps a job is 18 months,
6 months to learn it,
6 months to hate it,
And the final months to get out it,
Just to find something they feel is better,
Until the blade dulls after, oh yeah 19 months later,

I have the answer to your whys?,
It's all internal, the job, the people, yourself,

The job,
Systems and rules are made,
And they are broken,
When they break, they blame you,
They want your ideas,
They want your input,
But if it don't make money,
You'll see your corner will be a cold, lonely place,
And then, it is the insummountable pressure,
It robs your thoughts, social life, self-esteem and your sleep,

The people,
More and more the employees are not adults,
They're children dressed like them,
Armed with their "teen-age mentality",
That they've chose to never let go,
They create wreck and havoc to anyone who,
Just doesn't fit in,
To your boss, they have the most brown nose,
The toughest knees, and don't be too susprised,
If there is more than a hand-shake going on,

And you, why you?,
I quote Dr. Phil,
Corny, but it something that I had to learn,
"You have to earn your way out",
A marriage, friendship even a job has one thing in common,
They are relationships,
Walking away is easy, but staying away is the true problem,
Especially when it is a hasty walk,
You don't have time to learn from the mistakes,
And in some cases, you choose not to,
And then here you are,
In the same spot, the same situation,
Only this time with different people,
Playing the same roles,

You see, people are walking in circles,
Few walk straight and when they do,
They try to save others,
When they really should leave the axe next to grinder,
So they'll think before they move,
No matter where you're are,
You're doing a job, a service,
And the concentration should be there and nowhere else,
A job is personal at three times,
Getting there, Lunch, And getting out of there,
Let the clowns be clowns,
Your happiness first starts in yourself,
Once you have that, the boss and the kids can't touch you,
But if you must go, figure out why,
Find where you will like to go, wisely,
And be prepared, perfection is in you, never the job,
You never hear anyone say,
"It was because of my job as an accountant that I was able to do a good job",

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 393 times
Written on 2006-08-14 at 04:27

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keith nunes
powerful and true. well done

Kathy Lockhart
ah, so much wisdom again! This dancer who moves on leaves footprints and dance steps behind. Ones to take notice of and maybe just maybe follow if you are so inclined. You are a unique soul and I enjoy your writings/poems/ wisdom. Very clever and oh so brilliant. kathy