a episodic time lapse; love incarnate of the spirit embraces the realm of wanderlust, love, peace, harmony and romance.

The House of Spirit

The family dog has runaway from the family home
After Foreshadow; running through the halls of slow time
pulsating in the echelon echo of lifelines
in a punctured hollow wheeze; i fell beneath the lemon tree
as sunlight dances on the melancholy limbs
of naked stranded trees,
as the light breeze turns these leaves to yellow pinions
an ambient impressionist landscape of visuals
anoites the fallen leaves
shattered on the sauntered breeze
life cycles disbanded across the whirlpool of these seven seas

as eye stand [air] hollow
Iris spiraling into an open crop circle
a hollow assemblage of bushstroked golden leaves
oscilating between yesterday and tomorrow's wind-wave
in middle of our unseen temple
you opened the lid and stepped into
the burial chamber of our open grave
foretelling the death that grazed our forehead
swirling deep crimsom in the celestial world egg
we watched the mournful release
graze a flock of ascending
a black sparrow circles above my bed
swirled to life from the ashes of stolen breath

a heartbeat
on a transparent frequency___________ of death?
_________________ a new beginning
in retro speck

.a bird song caught on solid mecurial shapes
as stanzas burst to life in the wind
sounds of solitude
lapis lazu rings
dizzying life cycles in a myriad of dreams
we where left air to disband
inside the Brahman see
still life's of you / and me called towards the seven scenes
you left me.... phased in mid sentence
a new beginning
a guile of luminious wings
God blessed by eloheim
our spiritual wounds
our iris in streams
a whirlpool caught in ways of seeing
a broken hour glass in the kitchen
as the fortified walls of time close in

in a dislocated scene
the crystal lake of life refracted a dream-turned-epiphany;
autumn leaves; flicker and shimmer
last years summer feeling
as we walked into
the midnight meadow, you thought of me
eye watched you fall diligently
I caught the flicker of your in-sight
when you landed upon the sky of ascendency flight
distant stars and mirror-light
in breaths of eternity
blackholes and circles
disbanded memories align

dreams projected serene
translucent silver lit mirrors
slit /across these crystal sphere mirrors
shattered fragments of Iris horizon rivers... in frequent-seas
fallen frozen star-like raindrops
calling all my discontinuous beliefs /
deep nebula purple hue dispersed in melting reveries

multidimensional facets
open mother natures womb
a cloud containing an unknowing essence
drifts before the moon
while, honey nectar
falls inside the golden plume
the tree of life / surrounding this corporeal view
sea breaze fondly caresses our shadow
sporadic [fleeting] visuals
as we opened the void [between
our open windows]

eye see in the distance you held the light...
My Love for you is out of sight
all i can remember is...? red ribbon horizons
"we can fly higher than those kites" ?

As whirlpools graze the sleepy mead-willow
ephemeral demises inside the field of echos
as rose petals glided
(serenity) follows
Amidst the silence, peace and echelon echoes
air and overarching branches calling the dust to settle

" i gave myself to thee" in this neap-tide tied
summertime reverie
(imagine my love for you as deep as this sky)
my love for you (beyond the breeze and Solstice rye)

My heart
My heart
My heart... my heart beats twice
for you my heart finds
this waiting breath for life /

"My heart is now resting still" (reveal this mercurial in-sight)

as we enter the realm that dreams call incarnations of peace
as soon as spoke of it
the sun unravelled like a orange peal in a sink
spiralled into the basin
descending into molten silver seas

[A dislocated scene]

A old woman arched over her grave
Waiting for the wind to merge inside
the dirge and seven seas
our interconnected families
Iridescent flowers
growing in the middle of her Spring
She takes her last breath... and feels her self free-gliding...
Falling in (addendum)...

" there's no one on this earth that could be like her... My Love..."

After that he began to dig his own grave:
as the revelation of a new beginning fell inside the ink-well
a drop of rain
later that same day
his grandchildren kicked a stone
to revolve straight past a yellow bouquet
falling inside the sacred gardens celestial lake / his last day
past the grove and lemon trees bouquet ...

the gate sways open upon the plain
"I breathe this breath to give you light and energy of devotion"

(but every time I say I love you... I die)
but each time... the power of love has made me returned
re-born again /
to live as One
every time I say I love you... I die)
but each time... the power of love makes me reborn again /
to live as One
(a butterfly freed from inside its cocoon and glow-worm cell)
(an entity re-in-formed by the reign that fell)
as gravity reincarnated our particles
as the distant disbanded hums of semi-transparent circles
Shiva's sundial heralded a frequency of perception
a path way for us to follow to the trail

Every Time:
as every-One
every time of every... (OM)
I see you beside the gate...
(as Seldom has seen our holy return)

As we enter into twilight rivulets
kali's black hole caused the sun to emerge in midnight:

it happened sometime between tomorrow and yesterday
he walked out into the field of dreams and took flight
feeling like a child again...
red ribbons and a kite
it was midnight,
and his limbs; back and feet began to ache
he knelled down beside her again and began to pray /
the next day
there was shower of rain
a crying statue of virtue
inside a watery grave
arms cross folded across a balustrade (in union)
as time puts a sheen of silver light
a message upon the golden head of a sunkist raven
resting still... in peace
on a shovel handle...still stuck in the earth and underground plinth:
as the lemon tree blossomed pinions raised from ashes and dirt
in the middle of autumn's wind and winters mind eye
flowers of spring in the writhering rye
as the children played in the garden
as Grandmother and Grandfather
see the children they had beget
inside the realm of kindred spirits
the sun of Set
as the Daughter of the desert
calls them into the house of spirit /
as rain dissipates

Into the stream and far-reaching distant rivulet~:

as Indra rain drops fell inside the celestial mass / in divine providence:
mercurial oceans collide in sentient space of timeless sentences
as rainbow prisms join across the great divide of stanza's sequence
waves of new found
((((freedom and grace ebb towards the margins precipice))))...
while ,the church tower diving bell rang and sounded silently
aloud to the medium:
a group of choirboys where last seen running
late for destinies sojourn
behind ultraviolet apparitions of dancing lillies and butterflies

In the church yard garden:

((((((in a separate realm and scene)))))...waves collide in space (serene)
like the water found inside a hollow) turned upside down seashell cell

stranded reverie upon the shores of amour...
in the skies above and beyond, seagull songs in tandem
sang in jovial joy and timeless wings / elapsed /
in mass and requiem
everyone smiled as two birds circled
the stained glass tint of vermillion (addendum)
drowning out the sound
of the lost for words minister
stranded on the pulpit... while...
like mischievous children.... they squawk...
after every which word he said
inside the nave of God
"everyone laughed in remembrance of their spirit"

As we enter into the light:

(we cry in joy for the 'death' that love had caught a glimse of despite its transit; the star that wandlust, ashes and dust; circled and called into the field - to be absolved into a celestial mass and spirit (revealed); the sojourn night of new beginnings; intermittent arched passage ways: the rainbow sign of timeless time of joy, sorrow and bliss; heavenly blessed little cherubim; flagrant rose petals in Zen gardens and myriad minds; the essential natural realm and eternal kiss sublime - spiralling, dancing dizzy in disbanded neurons and requiem chimes: deliverance into the house of spirit) My Love and search for you... / as always.../ outside of this crystal optical 'gaze' / we'll be reborn again / once more in a state of grace / echo children beside the threshold gate... we'll be reborn again / by mother natures grace / as samsaras wheel spins again / as we air in the field to kick and chase and watch how the rain does fall upon the sepals on the dew.

Poetry by D'Antay Web
Read 780 times
Written on 2006-08-14 at 19:28

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