to all my bestfriends, iz,k,k,k,r,a
but most of all for you k, you make me the person I wanna be,luv ya!

My soulmate, my ailien

My head was an empty space
my heart was a lonly desert,
This hurricane inside of me
wore me out at last...

Then so sudden among the weed
an angel moved her wings
she could understand my pain
but even then, she made me smile ...

she made me belive that I could fly,
with my broken, messy wings
and I did...

together we went high,
went above the hills

I needed no bandage
to heel my wounds,
just needed a cactus
one soul, just like mine...

my soulmate, my ailien
I promise I'll love you
till the very last end...

Poetry by ChiLLie
Read 873 times
Written on 2006-08-16 at 01:11

Tags Friendship 

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"my heart was a lonly desert"

Well, I think, now it looks like more of an ocean of love, with a soulmate, the ailien of heart :). O, love! Ain't nothing but everything is about it. And it's somehow always beautiful...