I think we sometimes overlook the inner beauty of the persons around us... this is all my love for you out there...*kisses*

In the eyes of the beholder

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder
truth is in the words of those you belive...
so I need to ask you:
If the truth is in my eyes
and my words speak the beauty
would you stand by me still,
nor doubt me, nor pretend?

I'm not saying you should adore me
nor price me above the stars,
just see the woman I try to be
and the girl I am inside...

Give me what I deserve
I am human just like you,
I need your tuch sometimes
I need your beauty to keep standing
need your strength to be strong
and your humble smile to prove I'm wrong

I dont love you as a lover loves his made,
or a mother loves her child
I love you the same way a gartner loves his rose,
and a longtime captive loves his freedom
I love you the way I love to be alive...

Poetry by ChiLLie
Read 796 times
Written on 2006-08-16 at 02:14

Tags Love 

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Wow.. It's beautiful!
I loved it!
There's something about it that I can't explain.. It's a beauty!

A very beautiful piece....you've captured my heart!!!!kissess

The world could use a lot more people who think like you. God made each of us unique and special. No one is perfect, but "God don't make no junk!" Beautiful piece. God Bless!

keith nunes
very fine poem